Grain List

Briess cherry wood smoked malt- intense smoked color 5L

Briess 6 row brewers malt-mild flavor base malt for high adjuct brewing

Briess 10L crystal malt 2 row- sweet, mild caramel flavor golden color

Briess 20 L crystal malt 2 row-sweet, mild caramel flavor golden color

Briess 40L crystal malt 2 row-sweet, mild caramel flavor red color

Briess 60L crystal malt 2 row-sweet medium caramel flavor and deep gold to red in color

Briess 80L crystal malt 2 row- sweet smooth pronounced caramel flavor red in color

Briess 90L crystal malt 2 row- a pronounced caramel to charp caramel flavor and red to deep red color

Briess 120L crystal malt 2 row- pronounced caramel flavor red to deep red color

Briess caracrystal wheat malt lovibond 45

Briess special roast-deep golden to brown color for ales

Briess chocolate malt 2 row lovibond 350- all types of beer for color and nutty flavor

Briess roasted non malted barley 2 row-lovibond 300-sweet grainy coffee-like flavor red to deep brown

Briess victory malt 2 row-lovibond 25L toasted provides a golden to reddish color without adding sweetness

Briess pilsen malt

Briess white wheat malt lovibond 2 6 row

Briess wheat malt


Simpsons Peat smoked malt robust smoky flavor and aroma


Weyermann-smoked malt 2 row barley malt lovibond 1.3-2.3 smoked flavor and aroma

Weyermann cara hell-2 row barley malt lovibond 9-13 provides body without impairing color and sweetness also improves aroma

Weyermann acidulated malt 2 row barley 1.3-2.3 lovibond high levels of lactic acid use to adjust ph

Weyermann cara red 2 row barley lovibond 15-25 promotes fuller body improves aroma deep red color

Weyermann cara amber 2 row barley malt lovibond 25-35 toasted copper color

Weyermann cara aroma 2 row barley lovibond 1110-150 promotes fuller color and body improved malt aroma deep saturated red color

Weyermann carafe I 2 row lovibond 200-338 for dark beers promotes color and body milder smoother flavor

Weyermann carafe II(dehusked) 2 row barley malt lovibond 375-488 for dark beers deep aroma, body and color with milder smoother flavor

Weyermann carafe III(dehusked) 2 row barley

Weyermann chocolate wheat lovibond 500-intensified aroma of dark ales improved color

Weyermann chocolate rye malt lovibond 400-500 enhances aroma of dark ales improves color, crisp rye taste

Avangard pilsner malt

Avangard Vienna 2 row

Avangard  Munich malt 10L

Avangard Munich malt Dark 20L

Avangard wheat malt


Swaen pale ale whole kernel

Swaen pilsen

Dingmans Belgian caramunich malt- lovibond 48 caramel sweetness and aroma rich full flavor and copper color

Dingmans Caraveinne malt lovibond 24 Belgian light crystal malt

Dingmans Belgian carapils malt lovibond 7.7 foam improvement fuller body touch of caramel

Dingmans Belgian special B malt lovibond 145- extreme caramel taste aroma and flavor hints of raison and plum

Dingmans Belgian biscuit malt lovibond 19.3 warm baked biscuit flavor increases body and aroma

Dingmans Belgian aromatic malt lovibond 21.6 imparts a big malt aroma and deep color


Motor City Malting- whole pale malt l

Simpsons or Bairds- whole pale malt marris otter

Muntons-chocolate malt lovibond 338 nutty toasted flavor brown color

Muntons-roasted non malted black barley lovibond 675 dry roasted flavor, amber color promotes lighter colored head

Muntons black patent malt lovibond 471 provides color and sharp flavor

Muntons crystal malt lovibond 60- gives a sweet caramel flavor adds head retention

Muntons mild ale malt lovibond 25 dry nutty flavor promotes body, can be used as a base

Muntons carapils lovibond 20 foam improvement head retentions fuller body touch of caramel


Coffee kiln malt

Rice hulls

Golden promise


Weyermann rye malt lovibond 2.5-3 dry crisp character use up to 60% in the grist

Weyermann melanoidin 2 row barley malt lovibond 28-38 improves flavor stability fullness and color

Honey malt imparts nutty honey sweet toasted flavor and aroma no astringent roast flavor

Munich 10L

Briess fortified wheat malt lovibond 2

Briess Midnight Wheat 500L Gives smooth roast, coffee and chocolate flavors.

Carabrown malt lovibond 55 delivers an array of toasted flowers smooth and clean with a dry finish light brown, orange color contributions

Briess two row brewers malt

Briess pale ale