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Beginner Cheese Making
May 19 at 1pm

Class Descriptions:


Beer Making:


 #101 Beginner Beer Making                     $24.95
The class gives you an introduction to basic brewing with extracts, grains and hops. Approximately 1.5 hours, good for anyone with an interest or someone with a few batches under there belt.
#102 Intro To All Grain Brewing               $24.95
Covers mashing, and sparging methods, equipment needed and techniques to create a successful batch of beer, from scratch (All-grain). Grain bill, water usage and hop IBU.


Cheese making:


#201 Intro to Mozzarella and Paneer       $48.95   (Couples $68.95)
Hands on cheese making, includes instruction, basic cheese making kit to take home and cheese to sample. Approximately 1.5 hours.


Wine Making:


#301 Beginner Wine making from Kits     $24.95
The class gives you an introduction to basic wine making, using Wine Juice Kits from Winexpert.

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